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Mary Kay® Micellar Water

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Micellar Cleanser Cleansing your skin has never been easier. With a few quick swipes of a cotton pad, this gentle, yet oh-so-effective formula attracts impurities with no harsh rubbing required. Micelles act like magnets to draw out impurities away from the skin, so you’re left with a clean feeling whether or not you’re near a sink.Squeeze in a quick cleanse during a busy morning, or keep a bottle of this no-rinse facial cleanser handy to care for skin after your lunchtime gym session. After a long day or an evening out, treat your skin to a double cleanse — first using the micelles to break down face makeup and then following with the Mary Kay® cleanser formulated especially for your skin type. Whether you’re in a rush or giving your skin a little extra attention, this versatile cleansing solution is designed to work for you.All prices are suggested retail.

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