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  Megan is a Mary Kay consultant with a passion for helping others feel confident and beautiful. Her expertise in makeup and skincare has earned her a loyal following of clients who trust her personalized approach and attention to detail. Now, she's offering aspiring consultants the chance to work with her directly as a makeup beauty specialist. With Megan as your mentor, you'll have access to her years of experience and knowledge, and learn how to build a successful Mary Kay business of your own. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to work with one of the best in the business. Contact Megan today and start your journey to success as a Mary Kay consultant.


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Prime Time Marketing Online

  Prime Time Marketing Online started with Legendary Marketer when we were searching for a way to take control of our financial future. Megan and I, stumbled upon Legendary Marketer's training and was blown away by the passion and knowledge of its founder, Dave Sharpe. Inspired, we dove headfirst into the program, soaking up everything we could about digital marketing and entrepreneurship. With the guidance and support of Legendary Marketer, Megan and I launched Prime Time Marketing Online, fulfilling our dream of owning our own business and helping others do the same. Today, we are passionate about empowering others to take control of their lives and achieve their goals through online marketing.

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A Life in Words

A little story about us.  My wife and I, have 5 Children.  We were living our everyday lives.  We worked hard everyday, Did the best we could possibly do to make ends meet.  We are everyday people just like yourself.  We decided one day we needed a change.  Stuck in a rat race of life trying to escape it with no end in sight.  We decided to go all in on ourselves.  We started our own business.  It was online at that.  We want to create opportunities to expand our brand, make a difference where we can, and help others achieve success while creating our own success.

Believe. Achieve. Succeed.

How it started

February 11, 2023

Prime Time Marketing Online is extremely proud and excited to share the start of our journey. The project started as a dream.  Part of the reason we are here today is related to the program we decided to take a chance on for a new beginning.  Follow the link to see what that entails.  You can do it too.  Let's create more stories together.  Looking forward to working with you.


This is my wife Megan, I am Robert.  Megan is a Mary Kay consultant who has distinguished herself with makeup and skin care products.  I am an affiliate marketer.  We are making our dreams come true with hard work and devotion as a team.  If either of these are things you are interested in doing for yourself, then you can!  You can find out just how we got started from the links below and get started just like we did.  Believe, Achieve, Succeed.  Get started now!

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